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The Richard Hodgekins Archive is a growing independent site documenting the creative works of Richard Hodgekins.

This archive is run by an independent group and hopes to document the artist's career from his earliest lyrics to current releases. With over 2000 songs written and hundreds recorded, this site is by no means a full account of Richard’s creative endeavours but will develop over time; adding historical information and details on previous and current works.

The Archive will begin by focusing on the recorded works as over time individuals do their best to document and index the full picture of Richard Hodgekins’ career.

If you are new here, then a good place to start is with the The Albums section. There, you can get an idea of what records have been made and what has been released. You may even want to begin with the most recent release Where do we go from here? UP.

Also we have already begun to go deeper into the the many tape boxes and books that lead to Richard's first recorded work "Beginning Of The End" in the Archive Index section where we are hoping to index the works that have amassed over the years and over time to document the true, full journey of the artist.

Lastly, if you are interested in lyrics, then you should be able to find what your looking for in the The Songs section, or alternatively use the search bar to your left.

Whatever pathway led you here, we welcome you to what we hope to be a fluid and definitive account of the life, work, art, film, music, and words of Richard Hodgekins.

We hope you enjoy your stay,

Lee-Ann and Shelley

Site Administrators and Ambassadors of The Richard Hodgekins Archive

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